ACSO  =  Aiken County Sheriff's Office

The County's Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement services in Aiken County. Their website is available at
Sheriff's Department

ADPS  =  Aiken Department of Public Safety

The City of Aiken's Department of Public Safety provides police and fire protection for City of Aiken residents and customers.
Aiken Public Safety

ABBE  =  Aiken-Barnwell-Bamberg-Edgefield Regional Library

The ABBE Regional Library System operates six libraries in Aiken County, plus a bookmobile.
ABBE Library

C&D Landfill  =  Construction and Demolition Landfill

The County's Barden C&D Landfill handles specified types of construction and other inert solid waste.
County Solid Waste

EMS  =  Emergency Medical Services

The County's Emergency Medical Services provides emergency ambulance service throughout Aiken County.
Service: Ambulance

GIS  =  Geographic Information System

The County’s GeoServices division maintains digital maps and data that serve the County and provides map products available for sale to the public.
Service: GIS

HAZMAT  =  Hazardous Materials

The County's HAZMAT Team responds to emergencies where dangerous materials may be at risk. The HAZMAT Team's website is available here.
Emergency Services

LEPC  =  Local Emergency Planning Committee

The LEPC assists the County's Emergency Services Department in its emergency management efforts.

PRT  =  Parks, Recreation, & Tourism

The County's PRT Department provides recreation and tourism opportunities, and operates over twenty parks, in Aiken County.

PTI  =  Pre-Trial Intervention

The Solicitor's PTI office offers qualifying first-time criminal offenders the opportunity to complete court-specified steps to have their prosecution avoided.

PSA  =  Public Service Authority

The County's Public Service Authority operates the Horse Creek Valley Wastewater Treatment Facility, which processes sewer waste from a large portion of the County.

RMC  =  Register of Mesne Conveyance

The County's RMC office is responsible for recording deeds, mortgages, liens, and other legal documents. This office is the "Register of Deeds" in other SC counties.

SRS  =  Savannah River Site

The Savannah River Site is the Department of Energy's facility in Aiken, Barnwell, and Allendale counties.

DHEC  =  SC Department of Health & Environmental Control

The State's DHEC includes the local Health Department and environmental offices.

DJJ  =  SC Department of Juvenile Justice

The State's Juvenile Justice Department oversees the incarceration and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders.
SC Dept. of Juvenile Justice

DMV  =  SC Department of Motor Vehicles

The State's Department of Motor Vehicles provides driver's license and vehicle registration services at their two offices in Aiken County.
SC Dept. of Motor Vehicles

DNR  =  SC Department of Natural Resources

The State's Natural Resources Department provides wildlife and natural services, including fishing and hunting licenses and enforcement.
SC Dept. of Natural Resources

DOR  =  SC Department of Revenue

The State's Department of Revenue oversees property assessment and processes state income and other taxes.

DSS  =  SC Department of Social Services

The State's Social Services Department provides family and child services, including adoption, Medicare, foster care, and child protection services.
SC Dept. of Social Services

SLED  =  SC State Law Enforcement Division

SLED offers law enforcement assistance to local agencies through crime analysis, special investigations, and online access to criminal histories. SLED is also the State agency responsible for homeland security.

DOE  =  US Department of Energy

The federal Department of Energy operates the Savannah River Site.
US Dept. of Energy

VWAP  =  Victim/Witness Assistance Program

The Solicitor's VWAP office is a grant-funded program intended to help crime victims and witnesses.

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