Disabled Tag/Placard

Disabled (Handicap) Vehicle Tags and Placards are issued by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

The application is available for download here.
Section I: How to Use this Application Form:

Select either disabled (handicap) placards to display in your vehicle or a wheelchair license plate. You can't have both the placards and a wheelchair plate. The placards are $1.00 each (limit 2 placards) or a wheelchair plate for $20.00 (limit one plate). The plates are limited to one vehicle, but the placards may be used in any vehicle for the disabled person.

Section 1: This is information you must fill out. Besides your name and address, you'll need the following information for your vehicle: serial number, make, year, license number, and proof of insurance.

Section 2: You must have your physician fill out this part with information about your disability -- whether it's a temporary or a permanent condition -- and any other specific information relating to your disability. Section 2 also contains special instructions if you are applying to transport disabled persons in your vehicle.

When the application form is filled out and signed, you may either mail it to the address on the form or take it to the Motor Vehicle Office in your area. If you go to the Motor Vehicle Office to purchase the wheelchair plate, take your old license plate in with you, because you have to exchange it for the new plate.
In Aiken County, SC DMV offices are located in Aiken and North Augusta.

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