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Aiken County has a comprehensive safety and risk management program. Each employee is provided a copy of the County of Aiken Safety Guidelines through a safety handbook. In addition, each department has specialized safety guidelines which pertain to their employees and individual job requirements. It is the goal of these policies and procedures to provide a safe work environment for the employees of Aiken County and reduce hazardous conditions to our citizens.

Aiken County is self-insured, which means that the cost of accidents and lawsuits is paid directly by the citizens of Aiken County. It is the goal of Aiken County to be proactive in preventing accidents and unsafe conditions around the county, thereby keeping the cost to Aiken County citizens as low as possible. The employees of the county recognize the importance of following safety guidelines and policies which are required by their jobs. All these things combined help Aiken County move forward with a comprehensive Safety and Risk Management program which is successfully serving the needs of our County.

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