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The Aiken County 911 Division is responsible for assigning addresses to all occupied property in Aiken County. This information is maintained in a local database and any changes or updates are entered in the Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) administered by AT&T. All address changes are provided to the local electrical companies, AT&T, and the local Post Office. We will notify the assessor's office for the addressed parcel only. The 911 Division works closely with the City of Aiken and the City of North Augusta to ensure correct addressing procedures are being followed by these agencies.

In order for us to accurately assign an address you must supply the tax parcel number and know your driveway location. In some cases, we may need to field-verify the property in order to assign an address so allow time in your schedule for this to be completed.

Some important things to remember:

  • A 911 address is required if you are requesting a power permit, building permit, manufactured home permit / moving permit or installing a septic system.
  • Addresses are assigned based on the location of the driveway. If the property is being developed, you must know the location of the driveway before an address can be given.
  • If you are moving to an existing structure and the property will be vacant please notify the 911 office so that we may keep the database accurate and up-to-date.
In some areas of Aiken County it may be necessary for our office to renumber or rename roads. When this happens, the property owner, utility company and post office will be sent written notification of the change. The notification will be in letter form and will be documentation for your Driver's License address change at no cost to you. The new address should be immediately or within 21 days (see SC Code of Laws) posted on the mailbox and structure. The post office will allow six months for mail to be forwarded. Important offices you may want to contact regarding your new Address:

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