FAQ: How might the new flood maps affect me financially?

If your structure is mapped into a high-risk area and you have a mortgage with a federally-regulated lender, you will need to purchase flood insurance. If your property is mapped into a low-or moderate-risk area, you are not required to purchase or maintain insurance, but are encouraged to do so. The cost of properly protecting your home and contents from flood damage is far less expensive than the cost to repair or replace it after a flood has occurred.

    • Per FEMA: Through the National Flood Insurance Program, coverage often can be obtained at significant savings. The average cost for a flood insurance policy is around $500 per year. ; Further, homeowners may qualify for a Preferred Risk Policy that covers both a structure and its contents for as little as $112 per year. Talk to your insurance agent to determine the appropriate level of protection you need and the money-saving options that are available.
    • Direct questions about flood policy coverage and rates to 1.800.427.4661

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