FAQ: What are the benefits of the new flood hazard maps?

The map modernization project will benefit numerous groups of people in different ways:

  • County planners and local officials will gain a greater understanding of the flood hazards and risks that affect Aiken County and can therefore improve local planning activities.
  • Engineers, surveyors, developers and builders will have access to more detailed information for making decisions, and can keep the cost of development down by using the information.
  • Insurance agents, insurance companies and lending institutions will have easy online access to updates and upcoming changes in order to serve their customers and community more efficiently.
  • Home and business owners will have the ability to make better financial decisions about protecting their properties.
  • Existing policies can be renewed
  • New policies can be written
  • VA and FHA mortgages remain available
  • Federal grants and loans remain available
  • Federal disaster relief remains available

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