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Aiken County 911 Addressing Division uses the Uniform Scaled Numbering System based on the driveway location per-foot scale, to provide a means of determining the actual distance for each structure on a road. Numbering begins at the baseline or street entrance and is assigned a number for each twenty feet. Odd numbers will be utilized on the left side of the street, and even numbers will be utilized on the right side of the street going away from the starting intersection.

The 911 Addressing Division approves all road names in developments such as manufactured home parks, subdivisions, condominiums, apartments, or office parks. The development plans are reviewed by the 911 Division to ensure there is no duplication of road names. If the development does not have named roads, the development will be addressed off of the main road.

Addressing in Aiken County must meet the following criteria by state law:

  • New street names must not duplicate or be similar to existing street names within Aiken County.
  • Existing duplicate street names must be changed as necessary by Aiken County to ensure efficiency of the emergency response system.
  • Each house, building, or other occupied structure must be assigned a separate number.
  • Written notification of the proper address of each house, building, or structure must be given to its owner in all instances where a new number has been assigned.
  • The owner of each house, building, or other structure assigned an address by the Aiken County 911 Addressing Division must place or cause to be placed the number on the house, building, or other structure within twenty-one days after receiving notification of the proper number assignment.
  • Costs of installation of the number must be paid by the property owner or occupant. Residential numbers must not be less than three inches in height. Business numbers must not be less than four inches in height. All numbers must be made of a durable, clearly visible material and must contrast with the color of the house, building, or other structure. Reflective numbers for nighttime identification are strongly recommended.
  • Numbers must be conspicuously placed immediately above, on, or at the side of the appropriate door so that the number is visible clearly from the street. In cases where the building is situated more than fifty feet from the street or road, the building number also must be placed near the walk, driveway, or common entrance to the building, or upon the mailbox, gatepost, fence, or other appropriate place so as to be visible clearly from the street or road.
  • Residents, businesses, owners, or others who fail to comply with this subsection are guilty of a misdemeanor, triable in magistrate's court, and, upon conviction, must be fined not more than two hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than thirty days. Each day in violation constitutes a separate offense.

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