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Frequent Phone Numbers
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Description Phone Number Room Building
Assessor 803.642.1583 Suite 2400 GC
Auditor 803.642.1510 Suite 2600 GC
Bond Court 803.642.2044 DTN
Building Codes Permits & Inspections 803.642.1518 GC
City of Aiken License Dept. 803.642.7642 CAKMB
Clerk of Court 803.642.1715 JC
Code Enforcement Division 803.502.9000 x8790 Suite 3400 GC
Collections & Indigent Care 803.642.2067 Suite 3200 GC
County Administrator's Office 803.642.2012 Suite 3100 GC
County Council 803.642.1690 Suite 3600 GC
Detention Center 803.642.2040 DTN
Emergency Services 803.642.1624 YS
Estates 803.642.2002 Room E126 JC
Finance 803.642.2064 Suite 3200 GC
Human Resources 803.642.1555 Suite 3100 GC
Human Resources Job Line 803.642.1554
Information Line 803.642.1500
Marriage Licenses 803.642.2009 Room E126 JC
North Augusta Magistrate 803.202.3580 MNA
One Stop Career Center 803.641.7640 OSCC
Parks, Recreation, & Tourism 803.642.7559 Suite 2200 GC
Planning & Development 803.642.1520 Suite 2800 GC
Probate Court Room E126 JC
Procurement 803.642.1540 Suite 3205 GC
Public Defender 803.642.1732 PDF
Public Information Officer 803.642.2014 Suite 3100 GC
Registration & Elections 803.642.2028 Suite 1200 GC
Risk Management 803.642.1544 Suite 3100 GC
RMC 803.642.2072 Suite 2100 GC
Roads & Bridges 803.642.1532 PS
SC DOT (Highways) (Aiken) 803.641.7752 SCDOTA
SC DOT (Highways) (North Augusta) 803.279.6659 SCDOTN
Service Center 803.642.1500 Second Floor GC
Sheriff 803.642.1761 LEC
Solicitor 803.642.1557 Room 117 JC
Tax Collector 803.642.2081 Suite 2500 GC
TDD - Government Center 803.502.1042 Service Center
TDD - Judicial Center 803.502.1041
Traffic Court 803.642.7555 LE
Treasurer, Jason Goings 803.642.2092 Suite 2700 GC
Veterans Services 803.642.1545 Suite 2300 GC
Victim Services 803.642.7524 Suite 1518 GC
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