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1930 University Parkway, Aiken SC 29801

Across from SCDOT Aiken headquarters on SC 118 (Aiken Bypass).

Please follow the onsite signage for parking. Those having business with Registration & Elections, Aiken Magistrate, Victim Services, or Solicitor Worthless Check Unit should park in the area closest to SC 118 and enter through the lower front entrance. All others should park behind the building and enter through the rear entrance.



Offices now at the new Government Center: Council, Attorney, Delegation Office, County Administrator, Human Resources, Procurement, Finance (including EMS and Landfill payments), Public Works HQ, Engineering, PRT, Veterans Services, US Representative Joe Wilson's Office, and IT.

Offices still to move:
  • April 23: Planning & Development
  • April 28: Auditor, Treasurer, Assessor, Tax Collector, and RMC.
  • April 29: Aiken Magistrate, Victim Services, and Solicitor Worthless Check Unit
  • April 30: Registration & Elections



The County is managing the move to minimize disruptions during the business day.

If possible, if you have business with a particular office, it would be best to transact that business other than on the day of the move.

The Register of Mesne Conveyance (RMC) is closing her office on Friday, April 25, to facilitate the relocation of the large number of paper records within her office.

All phone numbers remain the same.

Aiken County Government will be moving to the new Government Center located at 1930 University Pkwy beginning Tuesday, April 15. Our goal is to keep business running to the best of our ability while we are in the processing of moving. We will be moving in stages throughout the month of April.

The first phase of the move will begin on Tuesday April 15 and run throughout the week. The first phase will include the following departments: County Council, Administration, Procurement, Finance, IT, Engineering, Public Works, and Records Management.

Phase two of the move will begin on Tuesday, April 22 and run throughout that week. This phase will include the following departments: Parks, Recreation, & Tourism, Veteran Affairs, Planning & Development, RMC, Assessor, Tax Collector, Auditor, and Treasurer. This phase of the move has the most potential to impact the public. Our goal during this phase is to move the Assessor, Tax Collector, Auditor, and Treasurer over the weekend of Friday, April 25. We will begin the move at 5:00 pm on Friday, April 25 and have departments moved in and ready for business at our new location by 8:30 am Monday, April 28.

The third and final phase of the move will begin on Tuesday April 29 and will include: Aiken Magistrate, Victim Advocate, Worthless Check, and Registration & Elections.

This is a tentative schedule and subject to change. We will continue to provide updates during the process. Thank you for your patience during this transition.