Aiken County Government ** AikenCountySC.Gov Maps, history, demographics, municipalities, and more about Aiken County Find the service or function that you need in our list of services listed alphabetically and by category, and a list of current electronic services. Recreation, roads, taxes, & much more for our residents. Job openings, bid opportunities for vendors, and economic development. Tourism info, including museums, accommodations, calendar of events, and much more. County Departments and Agencies, and links to other local and state government resources. How to contact County officials by phone, mail, email, or visit.
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ABBE (definition)
ABBE Regional Library
ACSO (definition)
Adopt a highway (service)
Adopt a pet (service)
ADPS (definition)
Agricultural Services Building (location)
Aiken (City) Municipal Building (location)
Aiken (City) Public Safety (location)
Aiken Library
Aiken Magistrate (office)
Ambulance service (service)
Animal Control (service)
Animal Shelter (location)
Animal Shelter (office)
Appeal Assessment (service)
Assessment (service)
Assessor (department)
Auditor (department)
Barden C & D Landfill (location)
Birth Certificate (service)
Bond Court (office)
Building Permits (service)
Burnettown Municipal Building (location)
C & D Landfill (definition)
Cellular/Communications Tower Permit (service)
Child Support (service)
Civil matters over $7,500 (service)
Civil matters under $7,500 (service)
Clemson Extension Service (office)
Clerk of Court (department)
Clerk of Court: Civil Division (office)
Clerk of Court: Criminal Division (office)
Clerk of Court: Family Court & Child Support (office)
Code Enforcement Division (office)
Codes Enforcement (Permits) (office)
Collections (office)
Complex Annex (location)
Coroner (department)
Council Building (location)
County Administrator (office)
County Administrator (department)
County Council (department)
County Council (service)
County Government Center (location)
Criminal Case Court Roster
Criminal Cases (service)
Current Tax Collections (service)
Death Certificate (service)
Deeds (service)
Delinquent Tax Collector (department)
Delinquent Tax Sale (service)
Delinquent Taxes (service)
Detention Center (location)
Detention Center (department)
DHEC (definition)
DHEC Environmental Control (office)
DHEC Septic Tank Permits (office)
Dibble Memorial Library Building (location)
Disabled vehicle tag/placard (service)
DJJ (definition)
DMV (definition)
DMV (service)
DMV: Aiken (location)
DMV: North Augusta (location)
DNR (definition)
Do Not Call Registry (National)
DOE (definition)
DOR (definition)
Drivers license
Drop-off Sites
DSS (definition)
DSS: Aiken (location)
E-911 addressing (service)
E-911 Addressing (office)
Economic Development Office at USCA (location)
Elections (service)
Emergency management (service)
Emergency Services (department)
Emergency Services (main) (office)
Employment Security Commission (location)
EMS (definition)
Engineering (office)
Engineering (department)
Engineering Services (office)
Engineering Services (service)
Estates (service)
Estates (office)
Finance (department)
Finance: Accounting (office)
Fishing license (service)
General Sessions Court Roster
GIS (service)
GIS (definition)
GIS & Mapping (office)
Graniteville Magistrate (location)
Graniteville Magistrate (office)
Handicap vehicle tag/placard (service)
Harrison Caver Park (office)
Harrison-Caver Park (location)
Hazardous Materials (service)
HAZMAT (definition)
Health Dept. in Aiken (office)
Historical Museum (department)
Historical Museum (Banksia) (location)
Home Occupation Permit (service)
Human Resources (office)
Hunting license (service)
Illegal Dumping (service)
Indigent care (service)
Information Technology (department)
Information Technology (main) (office)
Jackson Library
Jackson Town Offices (location)
Job openings
Judgments (service)
Judicial Center (Courthouse) (location)
Jury & Judgments (office)
Jury Duty: Circuit Court (service)
Jury Duty: Magistrate (service)
Landfill Billing (service)
Landfill Hauler Permits (service)
Law Enforcement Center (location)
Legislative Delegation (department)
Legislative Delegation (service)
LEPC (definition)
Littering (service)
Long Term Storage Facility (location)
Magistrates (department)
Maintenance Shop (office)
Manufactured Home Moving Permit / Registration (service)
Manufactured Home Park Permit (service)
Marriage License (service)
Marriage Licenses (office)
Master-in-Equity (department)
Midland Valley Library
Midland Valley Magistrate (location)
Midland Valley Magistrate (office)
Monetta Magistrate (location)
Monetta Magistrate (office)
Mortgages (service)
New Ellenton / Jackson Magistrate (location)
New Ellenton / Jackson Magistrate (office)
New Ellenton City Offices (location)
New Ellenton Library
North Augusta Library
North Augusta Magistrate (office)
North Augusta Municipal Building (location)
North Augusta Public Safety (location)
North Augusta/Belvedere Magistrate (location)
Notary Public
Nuisances (buildings, property) (service)
Parks, Recreation, & Tourism (department)
Parks, Recreation, & Tourism (main) (office)
Pave road (service)
Planning & Development (department)
Planning Services (office)
Plats (service)
Probate Court (department)
Probate Judge (office)
Probate Records (service)
Probation, Pardons, & Parole Services (location)
Procurement (service)
Procurement (office)
Property Tax Notices (service)
Property Tax Payments (service)
Protected Persons (service)
Protected Persons & Therapeutic Determination (office)
PRT (definition)
PSA (definition)
PTI (definition)
Public Defender (department)
Public Defender (location)
Public Service Authority (location)
Public Service Authority (department)
Public Works (department)
Public Works (office)
Public Works Center (Shop) (location)
Recording Documents (service)
Recreation Center (office)
Recreation Center (location)
Recycling Center 1: Belvedere (location)
Recycling Center 10: Monetta (location)
Recycling Center 2: Langley (location)
Recycling Center 3: New Ellenton (location)
Recycling Center 4: Graniteville (location)
Recycling Center 5: Reynolds Pond (location)
Recycling Center 6: Windsor (location)
Recycling Center 7: Perry (location)
Recycling Center 8: Couchton (location)
Recycling Center 9: New Holland (location)
Register as voter (service)
Registrar Mesne Conveyance (department)
Registration & Elections (department)
Registration & Elections (location)
Re-occupation of Commercial Buildings (service)
Research Park (office)
Research Park (service)
Rezoning (service)
Rights of Way (service)
Risk Management (service)
Risk Management (office)
RMC (definition)
RMC (office)
Road Maintenance (service)
Roads & Bridges (office)
Roy Warner Park (location)
Sage Mill Emergency Services Building (location)
SC Dept. of Juvenile Justice (office)
SC Dept. of Natural Resources (office)
SC DMV in Aiken (office)
SC DMV in North Augusta (office)
SC DSS in Aiken (office)
SC Employment Security Commission (office)
SC Probation, Parole, Pardons (office)
Senior Tax Work-off (service)
Service Request
Sheriff (department)
Sheriff (Hampton Avenue) (office)
Sign Permit (service)
Site Plan Permit (service)
SLED (definition)
Small Claims Court (service)
Social Security Office (location)
Solicitor (department)
Solicitor (Judicial Center) (office)
Solicitor Annex (location)
Solicitor Annex (office)
Solid Waste
Solid Waste (office)
SRS (definition)
Subdivision Approval (service)
Subdivisions (service)
Tag for vehicle (service)
Tax Notices (service)
Tax Payments (service)
Therapeutic Determination (service)
Tourism (office)
Traffic Court (office)
Transportation Planning (service)
Treasurer (department)
Vehicle tag (service)
Vehicle Tax Notices (service)
Vehicle Tax Payments (service)
Veterans Assistance (service)
Veterans Services (department)
Veterans Services (office)
Victim Services (office)
Victims Assistance (service)
Voter Registration (service)
VWAP (definition)
Wagener Landfill (location)
Wagener Library
Wagener Magistrate (location)
Wagener Magistrate (office)
Warner Park (office)
Warner Savannah River Research Campus (location)
Wills (service)
Zoning Variance or Appeal (service)
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